Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you are planning on travelling distance to attractions, we would recommend that you contact the venues directly in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you, or any of your party have a new persistant cough, or develop a fever of 38C, we would instead advise you to use the NHS's dedicated website for professional advice.

Bagshaw Museum

Where might you go to see the world? You don't have to go far to go far - the world's in Wilton Park, Batley! Bagshaw Museum surrounds you with the sights and sounds of past times and far-away places. Time and space mean nothing when you can step straight from an Egyptian tomb into the enchantment of the tropical rain forest. On the way, journey through the vibrant colours of the Orient and tame the mythical beasts of four continents. Follow members of the Bagshaw family - founders of the museum - on their travels. Marvel at the vitality of Violet Bagshaw who brought back gifts from Alaska in her 100th year. Travel through Asia, Africa and the Americas with an array of objects including many of their real and mythical animals. Glimpse the Egyptian way of life (and death) in the Kingdom of Osiris where effects recreate the interior of a tomb. Let yourself be transported to the breathtakingly beautiful Enchanted Forest and discover why the tropical rain forest is important to us all.